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ISC - Instant Sign Center - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:   How fast will I get my sign?
A:   Typically 2-3 days. Actual turnaround time may vary based on specific needs. We keep all the major materials in stock so we can meet our customer deadlines or rush orders. We also try to only work with suppliers that are close and/or deliver same or next day. Some jobs can take much larger if it is a sign requiring permitting.
Q:   How do I submit artwork/files?
A:   We work with most professional design applications including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. If the job is cut lettering or logos we need a Vector file. All other jobs that are printed can be sent in a digitized format like JPEG, TIFF, PSD, and GIF. Transparencies MUST be flattened to print correctly. Vector files must be 100% vector. Artwork can be emailed, mailed or dropped off to our office. We do not accept Publisher, Word or Excel documents. They can be used to create a rough draft or for text but not used as a final output file.
Q:   What resolution is acceptable for artwork?
A:   If sending your artwork ‘to size’ then 150DPI will be fine. We can also take files at half scale if the file is saved at 300DPI.
Q:   Can you design/create artwork?
A:   Yes! We have an in-house design staff capable of designing any complexity of project. Our design fee is $65 per hour and most basic designs can be completed in an hour or less.
Q:   Can I get a proof of the sign before it is made?
A:   Absolutely! We prefer you to review jobs prior to production. This will allow you to approve the colors, spelling, and layout. Once we receive your approval, we begin producing your sign. This way we are both clear on your expectations. Proofs generally add 1 to 2 days to the standard production time.
Q:   How can signs help my business?
A:   Image is everything. A quality sign can be one of the best resources for driving traffic to your business or event. A sign can be one of the most economical investments due to repeat use. One of the first impressions a customer will receive on your business is your signage so finding the right fit for your business is key.
Q:   How much does it cost?
A:   Naturally there is a wide variety of products making an equally wide variety of costs. Quotes are provided up front at your request so there’s no surprises! We are always happy to offer you many options to meet any budget.
Q:   Do you offer installation?
A:   Yes! We can install any type of sign as long as it is non-electrical. We can also provide complete permitting with the City when required. This would include mock-ups, making site plans and meeting with inspectors.
Q:   Is a deposit required my order?
A:   Yes, we require a 50% deposit or a credit card guarantee in most cases.